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What classify provided to the users?

CLASSIFY.PK is a web site meant to afford an opportunity to both buyers and sellers to find their counterparts for their good(s) and/or service(s). When an item of goods or services is placed on CLASSIFY.PK, it is for the purpose of attracting potential customer(s) thereof without any assurance, promise, certification, innuendo, warranty, express or implied, whatsoever on part of CLASSIFY.PK that the subject item(s) are fit as to their merchantability, reliability, usefulness or timeliness and nor does CLASSIFY.PK give any assurance as about any conformity of the good(s) and/or service(s) to any objective exchanged or implied in or during the communication between the seller and the buyer.


CLassify.pk has been serving people since 2010

Our Approach

CLASSIFY.PK uses the email address of the member to send various notifications including email address validation, account confirmations, status and updates


CLASSIFY.PK reserves the right to change, delete, add or otherwise modify the terms of agreement as the circumstances .

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