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Optimize Your Well Being by Optimizing Your Diet - Also known as "bear's head" and "monkey's head" mushroom. - Cultivated under stringent quality control and tested at the DXN Farm and Factory, which controls production from cultivation to finished goods. - Suitable for all ages. - Offers you a convenient way to consume; anytime, anywhere. * Ingredient : - Hericium erinaceus, Excipient. * Available packaging size: - 300mg x 120 tablets Support for nerve food Benifits If you turn away from modern medicine and often use poisonous prescription drugs for natural medicines that are safe and can let you enjoy good health and well-being without terrible side effects, look at Lion's Mane. This fungus is currently subject to intensive scientific research, but it is hardly a beginner of natural medicine. In fact, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and was exclusively reserved for Chinese emperors for years. Here are some of the possible useful applications for the Lion Man Pills: · Regulates blood pressure · Boosts immune system · Alleviates arthritis symptoms · Rejuvenates nerve growth and reduces symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s · Fights infection · Regulates blood sugar · Eliminates toxins within the body · Reduces inflammation · Helps digestive tract disorders such as duodenal and stomach ulcers · Alleviates symptoms of sensory neuropathy, common in HIV patients These are all amazing health benefits, but perhaps the most exciting of lion people is the potential OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA to treat and potentially prevent such brain diseases like senility and Alzheimer's disease! Researchers work with lion manners because of the ability to stimulate the production of NGF or nerve growth factor. A lack of NGF has been shown to be a primary cause of Alzheimer's disease and other neural disorders.

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