Privacy & Policy:

The users of CLASSIFY.PK are required to give certain details like name, address, email address and telephone number when they become members of this site. All the information obtained during this process is the property of CLASSIFY.PK as long as the account is operative. However, CLASSIFY.PK does not use, or intend to use, any such information for any promotional or advertisement purpose other than that specifically stated on this website. All such information is kept confidential unless it is required to be disclosed to an appropriate person/authority/forum under a legal authority conferred either by the member whom it pertains, or it is required to be disclosed by a Court of competent jurisdiction under lawful authority. CLASSIFY.PK reserves the right to disclose any such information to general public or to a section thereof if it is of the opinion that such disclosure will be helpful in protecting copyrights, patents, legal rights, national / international security, personal safety of users of the information, or any other purpose deemed fit. The members waive off their right to restrict, modify or govern any such decision of CLASSIFY.PK, or to challenge it before any Court of Law or Judicial or administrative tribunal or forum.

Members of CLASSIFY.PK are encouraged to introduce / refer this website to others, and to invite their friends, etc. to refer to an item posted on this website. When such referral is made, CLASSIFY.PK uses the email address supplied by the introducer to send a notification about the item referred or introduced. The recipient of such notification email can unsubscribe such service by visiting the link provided in the notification email. The email address supplied by the introducer will not be used by CLASSIFY.PK for any other purpose, advertisement or promotion, other than as expressly stated in the beginning of this paragraph.

CLASSIFY.PK uses the email address of the member to send various notifications including email address validation, account confirmations, status updates, ad posting and activity updates as well as updates about service/technical issues. The members are not given option to opt out these notifications as long as they wish their account to remain operative

The general information, members’ addresses and other particulars, product details and identities, and all transactional data contained on CLASSIFY.PK, may be transferred to next owners of this website during a scheme of merger, transfer of business, or sale of this website. The members will be notified in such event well in advance, provided however that they will not be able to exclude the transfer of such information as relating to them specifically unless they terminate their membership and delete their account accordingly.

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