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CLASSIFY.PK is a web site meant to afford an opportunity to both buyers and sellers to find their counterparts for their good(s) and/or service(s). When an item of goods or services is placed on CLASSIFY.PK, it is for the purpose of attracting potential customer(s) thereof without any assurance, promise, certification, innuendo, warranty, express or implied, whatsoever on part of CLASSIFY.PK that the subject item(s) are fit as to their merchantability, reliability, usefulness or timeliness and nor does CLASSIFY.PK give any assurance as about any conformity of the good(s) and/or service(s) to any objective exchanged or implied in or during the communication between the seller and the buyer.

CLASSIFY.PK is not under any legal obligation to make any judgment and/or to give any assurance or guarantee about the correctness of legal right of the seller(s) of good(s) and/or service(s) as about the purported ownership of such good(s) or service(s), during or after such seller(s) choose to advertise for selling such items through CLASSIFY.PK. The parties transacting on CLASSIFY.PK are bound under caveat emptor to watch and guard their interests as sellers and buyers, as the case maybe, and are not entitled to place their reliance on CLASSIFY.PK about correctness of ownership title of good(s) and service(s) transacted through CLASSIFY.PK

Any act(s) or omission(s) on part of any party or parties transacting on this website, which are leading, or can be calculated to lead, to any infringement of any patent(s), copyright(s), brand(s), proprietary right(s), easement(s), tort(s) or intellectual property right(s), will be the sole responsibility of the party responsible for such acts or omissions, and by signing the terms of agreement to transact on CLASSIFY.PK, both sellers and buyers hereby expressly waive their rights, if any, direct or consequential, to sue CLASSIFY.PK or to hold it responsible for any violation, misrepresentation or infringement of laws akin to ownership, made by any party during the course of transaction(s) and or communication(s) with any other parties or during any expression, statement , announcement, innuendo or assertion of any fact made to public at large.

The users of CLASSIFY.PK hereby expressly and irrevocably agree and confirm that by signing the terms of agreement, they are estopped from claiming before any court of law, or judicial or administrative tribunal, authority or forum, any damages whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive, for loss sustained or profit opportunity forgone as a result of using, or omitting to use, goods and services advertised on CLASSIFY.PK, or through use or omitting to use the information, including the inaccuracies therein, contained in CLASSIFY.PK

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